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Get the most bang for your buck by buying the best Alkaline batteries available.

Disposable batteries are convenient to use because once they’re dead, you discard and replace them with fresh cells. That doesn’t mean that you want to do it frequently because if you own a lot of battery-operated items, your cost is rather high. So, what do you do to keep battery expenses low? Do you give up the battery-operated items in favor of ones that run on electricity? It’s something that many people consider because of the cost.    

One of the concerns that people have about buying disposable batteries is how long they’ll last. They don’t want to sink money into electronic devices that run on battery power if they know that they won’t get much use out of the items without replacing the batteries often. If you happen to be someone who likes to weigh the cost with the reward you receive from the products you buy, you’ll love learning new ways to make disposable batteries last longer.     So, what can you do to make disposable batteries last longer? Are there tricks you can try? The answer is, “Yes, there are many things you can do to make your alkaline batteries last longer.” Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Turn the Power Off When You’re Not Using Items

One of the easiest ways to preserve a battery’s life is to make sure that everything that you own is off when you’re not using it. Rather than let the ‘juice’ drain from the batteries, you’re taking the steps necessary to keep your items powered up longer. That means that you can power on your electronics and power tools immediately.    

Flashlights are notorious for draining batteries. Their On/Off switch gets slid without you knowing. If you’re concerned about the flashlight that you own turning on unexpectedly, you can always wrap a large rubber band around the button to keep it secured in the off position. The band is easy to remove when you want to use the flashlight, and it prevents you from needing to take out the batteries each time you store it.

Remove Batteries from Devices After Each Use

This option is one of the less convenient and more impractical ways to make your batteries last longer. It involves you removing them from the battery compartment after using a device. Placing them in a bag and storing them near the item that uses them allows you to access the batteries whenever you want to turn the item on. You’ll need to be mindful to remove the batteries after each use to prevent things from being switched on without you knowing.       

Most people don’t want to be bothered with the effort, so this isn’t the most optimal way to preserve disposable batteries. People prefer to leave them inside the device so that when they’re ready to turn it on, they don’t need to go through another step to do so. Still, it does keep you from accidentally draining the life out of the batteries you have in devices by leaving them on when you meant to turn them off. You’re forced to put the switch in the off position and then remove the batteries from their compartment.

Store Batteries in the Fridge When It’s Extremely Hot Outdoors

One of the biggest myths concerning disposable batteries is that you need to keep them in the refrigerator at all times to keep them from expiring unexpectedly. It’s not true at all! You can use Alkaline batteries year-round without refrigeration for up to ten years at a time, depending on the brand. The only time you need to put them in the fridge is when temperatures soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.           

Extreme heat causes them to lose a quarter of their charge, which isn’t ideal especially when you’ve purchased Alkaline batteries. You don’t want to run through your supply quickly, so it’s best to chill the batteries when you’re experiencing a heatwave in your area of the country. Anything under 50 degrees is safe to keep outside the fridge as long as the storage area is dry and cool.

Look for Bulk Batteries, So You’re Not Trying to Make a Smaller Pack Last

Bulk battery packages offer more significant cost savings per battery. Having a surplus on hand makes it easier for you to power everything requiring batteries at a given moment. You’ll have more batteries to put into your electronics and battery-operated tools at once, meaning that you’ll need the items to remain powered-up longer. You’re able to take care of all your battery needs fewer times each year because you’ve opted to buy a bunch of batteries, replace the old cells, and conserve the power until you need to use it most.   

When you buy Immense Alkaline batteries in Bulk, you have more batteries available to use at once. Rather than be selective of what you put fresh batteries in, you’re able to replenish the supply in all of your battery-operated devices. That means that you have more objects to choose from and less of a dependency on a single flashlight or radio to see you through an emergency.

Buy Immense High-Power Alkaline Batteries Instead of Traditional Carbon Batteries

Another option is to skip buying cheap carbon batteries altogether. Immense batteries provide much more power than the ordinary carbon batteries. They also come with a seven-year shelf life, making it possible to keep large quantities on hand without them losing their power. Immense batteries are suitable for use in extreme temperatures, come with double-barrier leak-proof protection, and are environmentally- safe because they don’t contain lead, mercury, or cadmium.    

Carbon batteries don’t do what Alkaline batteries do. Frankly, they’re a waste of money because there is no real way to make them last longer. You can’t shake them or refrigerate them like people think you can to extend their longevity. You use them as you go and avoid storing large quantities of them because the batteries don’t have the same type of shelf-life that Alkaline batteries have.

You Can Make Your Disposable Batteries Last Longer with Little Effort

There are many ways to make your disposable batteries last longer. Getting into the habit of turning off battery-operated devices when you’re not using them is among the most obvious. Investing in high-powered Alkaline batteries built for high-drain electronics like those sold by Immense is another option. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, invest in the highest quality AA or AAA batteries available.        

With an environmentally-friendly brand such as Immense, you can feel good about your purchase because you aren’t harming earth by putting toxic substances into the landfill. The money that you’re putting into products made by the company aren’t causing greater harm to the planet. You’re doing the opposite by using fewer batteries and ones that don’t contain harmful substances in them.




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