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Can you discern fact from fiction when it comes to your cells?

It’s time to debunk many of the alkaline battery myths believed by consumers today. Doing so allows you to use batteries as you usually would and dispose of them accordingly after they’ve gone flat. You’ll know how to buy, store, use, and get rid of Alkaline batteries with the greatest of ease because you know how to discern fact from fiction.

Here are a few of the fallacies that people believe to be true about batteries. You’ll find out quickly why they aren’t something to concern yourself with. You’ll also learn better ways to prolong the lifespan of the batteries that you buy, so you always have them on hand whenever you need to power up something. Alkaline batteries work well in electronics, household controls and devices, toys, and power tools.

Mixing Batteries is a Dangerous Thing to Do

You shouldn’t mix battery chemistries. Doing so can damage the item that uses them. You should be mindful not to place alkaline and non-alkaline together in a device. If you have two different brands of AA batteries, however, there is no harm in mixing the brands if you have no other choice. Keeping a mix of batteries together won’t do anything to them, either. They can’t be powered up without being placed in a battery-operated item. It could get confusing to know how long the cells are good without the use of a battery tester, though. Keeping batteries separated is less about safety and more about convenience when it comes time to use them.

You Cannot Throw Away Batteries Because of The Lead They Contain

Some batteries do require you to dispose of them in a certain way. You cannot throw them into the trash. Cells that contain lead, mercury, and cadmium can be detrimental to the environment. If they were to leak, they could put the substances into the ground. When it rains, the run-off pollutes bodies of water and poisons the wildlife. Immense batteries do not contain lead, mercury, or cadmium. They’re an environmentally-friendly alternative to carbon batteries. You can throw them away with the rest of your household waste with little concern about what happens next. The only exception is 9-volt alkaline batteries, which typically require special handling because of how powerful they are.

The Real Truth About 9-Volt Batteries

9-volt alkaline batteries are in a class all themselves. People are perplexed about how to buy, store, and use this chemistry of the battery. They have a lot of misconceptions about the 9-volts which could lead to them not buying items that require that type of battery. If you want to be knowledgeable about 9-volts, keep reading. You’ll be able to debunk some of the false information shared by others about this uncommon battery type. You’ll know what you can do to keep them lasting longer, too. Immense 9v Alkaline The average 9-volt alkaline battery can discharge and create heat, which is why you should cover its contacts when storing them in a drawer with other materials such as metal and bits of aluminum foil. You will need to recycle them because you cannot throw them away. There is a great debate about whether the contacts should be covered even when recycling. The answer is, “Yes, they should.” It makes life much easier to do so which is better than arguing with multiple authorities about the subject. Immense 9-volts comes with a stainless-steel cover that prevents leaks and corrosion. Also, licking a 9-volt won’t kill you. It may make others question your sanity, but it won’t harm you. There are a lot of wives tales going around claiming that people died from the prank. It’s simply not true!

Caring for the Batteries You Have in Your Home and Workplace

There is a specific way that you should care for the alkaline batteries that you have in your home and place of employment. That way, they’re where you can get to them quickly, and they won’t lose their power due to extreme conditions. Storing them in a cool, dry place is highly recommended because too much heat or cold can cause cells to lose their charge.

That is, of course, if they’re not Immense brand batteries. Our cells are usable in extreme weather. The temperatures can skyrocket or plummet, and you’ll still get a great deal of use out of the batteries. In fact, for every one cell you have that is Immense, it will outlast other battery brands by seven to nine times!

You should always check your batteries to make sure that they’re still good. Investing in a battery tester allows you to do that. It prevents the cells from going flat without you knowing. You can quickly discard the ones that no longer have the juice you needed for your high-drain devices.

It’s best to keep spare batteries where you can get to them in an emergency, too. It’s more ideal because if you need the cells in a hurry, you don’t want to waste valuable time looking for them. You’ll be able to switch out the batteries in your flashlight or emergency radio and be ready to wait out a storm.

You’re Now an Alkaline Battery Expert!

Now you know exactly what to believe about alkaline batteries and what to let go because it is fictional. You can easily take care of the cells that you’ve purchased by storing them in a cool, dry location for up to seven years. Immense alkaline batteries are an asset. They’re well worth every penny that you spend on them because they’re made to last seven to nine times longer than traditional carbon batteries.

That means that one pack can last a household with a few electronics or battery-operated devices in it several months without needing to buy a second pack. In homes where high-drain items exist, buying several packages of discounted Immense Alkaline batteries ensures that you’re never without new cells when your remote control, thermostat, or child’s battery-powered toys run out of ‘juice.’




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