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Knowing which qualities make one brand or type of battery better than another saves you money. What differentiates a good battery from a bad one? Are there some types of batteries to avoid altogether? If you don’t have a lot of experience purchasing cells or haven’t put much thought into buying batteries, there are things you need to know. By increasing the amount of knowledge you have about the subject, you’re able to avoid many of the problems that people have when buying poor quality batteries that leak, explode, or lose their charge in a short amount of time. There are many types, chemistries, and brands of batteries to consider. It can blow your mind trying to keep up with everything when attempting to help your battery-operated items stay powered up. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of energy doing so because we’ve taken on the task for you.  This guide helps you better know batteries inside and out, so you’re not stuck buying inferior products and be left wondering how you’ll power the items inside your home and workplace. We’ve included some of the most pressing questions our customers have about batteries. That way, you know what to expect when you buy certain types. You know what to look for in terms of longevity, materials that make up the cells, type of battery, battery chemistry, and even brand. Not all cells are created equally which you’ll learn right away the more you get to know the Immense brand and what makes it outstanding to use in all kinds of weather.

Questions to Help You Distinguish a Good Battery from a Bad One

·         Immense Alkaline Batteries do not contain Cadmium, Mercury or Lead To better prepare yourself for the purchasing process, we’ve decided to help you discover the qualities that make a good battery great. You’re getting more bang for your buck and taking less of a toll on the planet with your Immense alkaline batteries purchases. You’re able to avoid harmful substances that make up some battery brands and keep all of your essential devices powered up so you can use them daily.

·         Here are some questions that will help you see the differences between good and bad batteries:

Do they contain mercury or cadmium? The substances are highly toxic and harmful to the environment. It’s preferable not to have them in the batteries you buy for your home and workplace. You’ll learn right away which products contain mercury and cadmium as well as which do not by reading the product descriptions included on the packaging or the company’s website.

·         Are they lead-free? Again, you’re dealing with a substance that can be harmful to the planet and its inhabitants. Look for batteries that are lead-free such as Immense because they do exist. Paying close attention to descriptions helps you identify the preferable batteries from the ones you don’t want to buy. You’ll be able to avoid buying cells that you’ll end up throwing away far sooner than you imagined.

·         Do they work in extreme temperatures? If you live in parts of the country with extreme temperatures or that experience four seasons, you’ll want to know that the batteries that you’ve purchased for your devices, toys, and tools work the way they’re supposed to. The best batteries can handle extreme temperatures with great ease. It doesn’t matter if its blizzard-like conditions or a heatwave because you’ll be able to rely on the cells with no issue.

·         Do they have anti-leakage protection?

Immense batteries are double-barrier sealed to protect against leaks. That way, you don’t have battery acid eating through your electronics. You’ll protect your investments from damage from leaky batteries so you can continue to use the items for years. Immense Alkaline batteries are what you want to have on hand, so you’re never without quality batteries to power up your electronics, toys, and tools.

·         Do they have a pressure expansion seal? This precautionary measure prevents the battery from expanding and exploding. If the batteries you’re considering buying doesn’t have this feature, you’re better off spending your money elsewhere. If the seal were to expand, you’d want to keep it from blowing up and leaking its contents in your high-dollar electronics and smart home devices. Immense ULTRA Digital Alkaline AA batteries are environmentally safe

Learning the answers to these questions allows you to distinguish good batteries from bad batteries. It enables you to make an investment in the highest quality cells available. Instead of needing to replace a device’s batteries as frequently, you’re able to use the batteries you have on hand longer and with fewer interruptions. It’s a nuisance to have your camera batteries die in the middle of you taking pictures or recording videos.

The Best Quality Batteries Are Better for the Environment

High-quality Immense alkaline batteries in sizes AAA, AA, C, D and 9-volt batteries have a seven-year shelf-life. Longer shelf life means that you won’t need to purchase batteries as often. That means more money in your pocket and less being spent throughout a product’s lifetime on cells.

Immense Alkaline batteries are better for the environment than traditional carbon batteries. They don’t have lead, mercury, or cadmium in them. They can also withstand extreme temperatures meaning that you don’t lose some of the charge when it’s extremely hot or cold outdoors. It doesn’t matter what part of the globe you live in because you’ll always have quality batteries to use for all of your items.

The better quality batteries you purchase have greater advantages than the ones you acquire cheaply or on a whim. You can buy them in bulk and receive a per battery discount for buying more cells at once. You also have plenty of batteries available for replacement purposes. You’re not stuck holding a flashlight that is non-operational because you forget to pick up enough batteries to power it through a camping trip.

Buy Batteries with Great Ease Thanks to Immense

Immense Alkaline batteries have patented double-barrier leak protection Now that you know what it takes to choose the right batteries for your home and workplace, you’ll be able to do so with great ease. Alkaline batteries will no longer confuse you because you’ll know why alkaline cells are far more superior to carbon batteries. You’ll know precisely why Immense batteries are the best option for your personal and professional lives. You can avoid buying poor quality batteries because you’re hoping to save money. You now know why some battery brands are inferior. You also recognize what makes Immense batteries superior. They’re longer-lasting, come in bulk packaging, are storable for Longtime. Gone are the days where you spent time switching batteries out of items to try to get the most use out of your cells. You can put fresh Immense Alkaline batteries in all of your battery-powered devices and not worry about them running out of ‘juice’ prematurely. Even if they do, you’ll have extra batteries on hand to replace them with. As long as you keep them in a location where you can find them easily, you’ll be able to switch out the old cells for new ones effortlessly.




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