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Learn how to safely store bulk batteries inside your home and other storage areas.

If you own a lot of battery-operated items, you know how important it is to have fresh batteries on hand at all times. Without batteries, you won’t be able to power stuff inside your home, at work, or even your emergency go-bag. Since you’ve come to rely on these items, you should take the time to learn how to safely store alkaline batteries. That way, there isn’t an issue with the items powering up whenever you need them most.

Buying alkaline batteries in bulk affords you the luxury of refreshing all the dead batteries in your devices. You’re not forced to pick and choose which items are of the most useful to you. You can keep all of your emergency gear powered up for those times where the weather decides to take a turn for the worst. You’ve also got all the battery-operated items inside your car ready to go just in case your vehicle becomes disabled, and you’re required to signal for help.

This guide tells you all you need to know about storing alkaline batteries safely. It gives you a heads up as to whether or not you need to keep them in the fridge to maintain their lifespan, why you shouldn’t leave batteries in a hot car, where you can keep a supply of emergency batteries, and why it’s not the greatest idea to mix and match battery chemistries while storing or using cells.

What Does a Freezer/Refrigerator Do to a Battery?

A freezer or refrigerator reduces the temperature of the battery and makes it take longer to ‘power’ up. The point behind keeping the cell cold is to prevent it from losing some of its ‘juice.’ If you avoid buying batteries that don’t last as long as Immense double A bulk batteries, you can skip this step entirely.     

It’s not recommended to place batteries in a freezer or refrigerator except in scorching environments where temperatures reach and exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In those conditions, it may be best to place batteries where they get cold. Immense batteries respond to extreme temperatures well, so it’s not an issue you’ll need to concern yourself with if you buy your cells from us.

Can You Leave Batteries in the Car?

The inside of a vehicle is among the worst places to leave spare batteries. After all, it’s always hotter inside without air conditioning than it is outside. The glass of a vehicle heats the interior quickly. Batteries do not do well in extreme heat.         

If you need to leave an electronic device that takes batteries inside your car, try to place it in the glove box or console. It’s a better option for you because it has some protection from the sun. Keeping spare batteries in the dark bag or container inside the trunk is the only real way to keep them from being exposed to exceptional amounts of heat.          

Parking in a shady location also helps as it keeps your vehicle from taking a hit from the sun’s harsh UV rays. The best way to prevent your batteries from losing their charge quickly is to remove all items that are battery-operated from your car and carry them inside whenever necessary. You can also park your car in a garage where it has minimal exposure to the sun and where you can adjust the temperature inside of the structure on sweltering days.

How Do You Store Emergency Batteries?

The most important thing to remember about storing emergency batteries is that they need to be accessible in a hurry. If you’re forced to evacuate your home and you’ve forgotten where you’ve placed your stash of cells, they do you no good. You should keep emergency batteries where you can get to them quickly.       

 A cool, dark spot in the home is ideal. It’s even more important to keep spare Alkaline batteries in emergency go-bags, spare flashlights, and even metal first aid kits if possible. Staying on top of expiration dates prevents the batteries from losing their charge and not powering up like they’re supposed to.          

One of the ways to avoid this problem entirely is to stop buying traditional carbon batteries and opt to buy Immense alkaline batteries instead. They keep devices powered with high quality Immense alkaline batteries which last longer than other brands of batteries and are lower priced per battery than other brands when you buy them in bulk.

What are the Best Places to Store Batteries?

The best place to store extra batteries is in a cool, dark place where you don’t expose them to extreme temperatures. Too much heat and too much cold can negatively affect batteries. If you live in a part of the country exposed to extreme temps over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you can consider placing the batteries in the refrigerator or freezer to keep them from losing their charge.         

If you don’t want to be bothered with an extra step to keep your batteries good, you can opt to buy Immense alkaline batteries, instead. They have much more power than ordinary carbon batteries, and they cost less than buying single packs, too. You can keep them stored up to seven years at a time without fear of them being no good.     

   Immense Alkaline batteries are an investment in your safety and comfort. They allow you to continue living your life on schedule without interruption. You’re not running to the store to pick up a pack of batteries to power your camera before your child’s talent show.       

You’re not forced to make a last-minute trip to the drug store because your garage door opener’s cells went flat without you knowing it. Convenience is one of the things that Immense provides to its customers. We allow you to order your batteries online and ship them directly to your doorstep as a way of taking good care of you.

Is it Dangerous to Store Batteries Together?

It’s best not to store two different chemistries of batteries together. They should remain in their original packaging, or you place them in a separate container for safekeeping. If you have any doubts as to how long they are good for, label the outside of the box for reference purposes.       

That way, you’re not forced to test every battery with a battery tester to see if it’s usable. It’s more of an issue to try to use batteries of two different chemistries together. By storing them separately, you don’t accidentally make that mistake.     

 You can significantly damage an item by using batteries of two different chemistries in it. That’s why the issue of storing batteries together comes up. You also buy batteries at different times, and it can be confusing to know which are the older batteries with less ‘juice’ and which are the new batteries.

Buy Immense Alkaline Batteries and Store Them with the Greatest of Ease

Now that you know how to store alkaline batteries safely, you’ll be able to keep them inside your home and in additional storage spaces with greater ease. You’ll know which types of conditions to avoid and that keeping Alkaline batteries inside a freezer or refrigerator can shorten their lifespan rather than prolong it. You’re also aware of what makes Immense batteries superior and safer for the environment.




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