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Be better prepared for tropical storm season with a well-stocked Hurricane Emergency Kit.

If you live in a part of the country prone to hurricanes, having an emergency kit available can save you and your family’s lives. Being aware of its necessity in your home, vehicle, and workplace makes it so you’re never forced to face down a tropical storm without being somewhat prepared. Rather than allow the hurricane to be in control, you’re taking it upon yourself to determine the course of your future. When it’s time to evacuate, there’s no hesitation because you have everything you need for the next several days with you wherever you go.

To become better prepared for the Atlantic hurricane season, which lasts from June 1st through November 30th and picks up momentum in late August through September, you should understand what items to include in your emergency kit. It prevents you from being without essentials if you and your family must evacuate because the danger level from a tropical storm remains high.

Below, you’ll find suggestions for stocking your emergency kit, places you can buy hurricane supplies, and special considerations you’ll need to make for elderly, disabled, and furry family members. By the time you’ve read through this guide of hurricane kit emergency essentials, you’ll be ready to build your own.

Stocking Your Emergency Kit

After acquiring a waterproof bag or plastic box to store your emergency kit contents in, you’ll want to start stocking it full of the things you and your family need for survival. Although each person’s needs differ, some of the more common items suggested by FEMA and other hurricane experts are listed here for your consideration. Use your discretion when packing the bag or box with items, so it doesn’t become too heavy to carry.

Some recommended items for your emergency kit include:

  • Water. FEMA recommends having one gallon per person for up to three days of evacuating. Households should keep a two-week supply if they don’t have access to running water inside the home.
  • Non-Perishable Food Items. There should be a three-day supply of ready-to-eat foods that don’t spoil inside the kit. Sample ideas include tuna packets, squeezable nut butter, applesauce, dried meats such as jerky, nuts, seeds, and any other foods in compact packaging. Squeeze containers work well because they hold the food being eaten and fit into the tightest spaces in a kit without creating a mess.
  • Medications. Keep a seven-day supply available. Having a copy of medical information helps expedite getting care when you or a family member needs it.
  • Laminated Identification Cards. Make sure every member of the family has one that provides their name, date of birth, emergency contact, and blood type on it. In the event someone in your family gets separated from the group and needs medical attention, emergency crews can take action right away.
  • Flashlights. The electricity may be off in your city due to high-speed winds. Having several battery-powered flashlights is advisable as it increases your visibility.
  • Hand-Crank Weather Radio. If you can get your hands on an NOAA weather radio, FEMA recommends it most. You’re able to stay on top of changes in the hurricane’s speed and intensity by listening to it.
  • Batteries. Immense Alkaline batteries are often required to keep items in working order throughout the evacuation process. Among one of the most overlooked things on the list of hurricane essentials, batteries are incredibly important and should be one of the first items purchased and added to the kit. Take stock of your current situation right away and buy Alkaline batteries from Immense to carry with you.
  • First Aid Kit. Ready-made kits are a wise investment because they contain all of the supplies needed in the event of an emergency. You’re not stuck buying individual items and incurring a more substantial cost.
  • Personal Hygiene Items. Whatever your family needs to stay clean and sanitary should be added to the kit. You may not be able to shower or even change your clothes for a few days if an intense storm has forced you to evacuate.
  • Diapers, Wipes, and Formula. Babies have needs, too. Don’t forget to account for what they’ll require while you’re away from home.
  • Copies of Personal Documents. Due to the fragile nature of these items, hard copies should be kept in a waterproof file. Load back-up copies to a flash drive for safekeeping.
  • Spare Chargers. They’ll allow you to power up electronics once you’ve reached a hotel or family member’s home. Mobile phone chargers may be challenging to acquire in hurricane-prone areas.
  • Cash. ATMs may not work for you to withdraw some money. You may also have difficulty finding an open bank.
  • A Car Care Kit and Extra Fuel. Having a flat in the middle of evacuating is not ideal. Nor is running out of fuel, so make sure your vehicle is ready to go at a minute’s notice.

·         Other items you may want to have on hand for comfort purposes are books, card games, stuffed animals, and blankets. These items help create a sense of familiarity. Talking to children about what to do during a hurricane helps them better prepare themselves in the event of an emergency because they’re less scared of what may happen.

·         If you’re the parent of small children, you’d be amazed at how calming comfort items are when kids are frightened. The things that you include in your bug-out bag or storage box does not need to be large to be effective. If you're mindful of the size and weight restrictions, look for miniature versions of larger favorites to keep inside the emergency kit. That way, you don’t feel compelled to remove them to entertain a child outside of an evacuation situation.

Where to Buy Supplies

·         There are many places to buy supplies to include in your emergency hurricane kit. Big box retailers have almost all of the essentials needed under one roof. Dollar stores provide deeply discounted goods that can be used to supplement your kit on a budget. Online retailers such as Immense Batteries offer more specific products meant for survival purposes. Wherever you choose to buy your supplies, remember the value of a hard copy list that includes Immense Alkaline batteries.

·         It allows you to replenish items that have since expired or were used up during the last hurricane season.  You’ll have the list to refer to each time that you shop for hurricane supplies.  Adding to it or omitting items from it is as easy as writing them on the list or crossing them off.  Making it a point to check a stocked hurricane kit for expired and missing supplies regularly makes it so you’re never without the essentials in the event of turbulent weather.

Consider the Needs of All Your Family Members Including the Furry Ones

·         Prepare for the worst and expect the best is a good philosophy to follow. It’s the responsible way of preparing yourself and your family for a tropical storm. Spend some time this year preparing a large emergency kit equipped with the things that your family requires most during their time of need, such as Alkaline batteries. Consider each family member’s individual needs, so you’re able to address them with the contents you’ve included.

·         If anyone in your family is elderly or has a disability, medical devices could significantly help their well-being. Consider the items that make them more mobile. Include these items in the trunk of your vehicle as you prepare to leave your home in pursuit of safety.

·         If you have pets, you’ll want to include food, water, medication, and leashes for them. Take current photos of the animals and place them on a flash drive along with vaccination, a list of prescribed medicine, and microchip information. If you become separated from your pets because they’ve gotten spooked by the chaos of a hurricane, you’ll be able to be reunited with them quicker.




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