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Everything you need to know about buying batteries, storing them, and keeping them lasting a long time.

Batteries. Do you know the difference between carbon and alkaline? What about storing them? Do you have a clue why you shouldn’t mix and match types of batteries? If you don’t, never fear! These questions will likely come up at least once in your life as a person who buys batteries.

We’ve got all the answers that you’ve been looking for concerning batteries. We’re willing to share everything we know about AAs, AAs, Cs, Ds, and 9-Volts, so you walk away from our blog possessing the knowledge and confidence needed to buy, store, and use batteries for your battery-operated items. You’ll know precisely where to get your batteries, how many packs to buy at once, where to keep them inside your home and workplace, and what to do with batteries to make them last as long as possible.

Consider this your battery buyers guide. In it, we’ll address many of the most pressing questions you have about buying, storing, and using cells. Refer to it whenever you need answers about Alkaline batteries or other types of alkaline batteries. That way, you’ll know exactly what to do with them once you’ve bought them. You won’t be throwing away money without considering the per battery cost and the environmental consequences of purchasing single-use batteries.

Is it Better to Buy Batteries in Bulk or Smaller Quantities as You Need them?

Again, you have two options. The types of batteries available are either alkaline or carbon. Alkaline is far better for high-drain devices. Carbon is ideal for low-drain devices. You can avoid the issue altogether by always investing in Immense alkaline batteries because they have a shelf-life of up to seven years, which means you can keep more on hand at once without fear of them going flat.

By investing in the longer-lasting batteries, to begin with, you’ll be able to use your high-drain devices regularly. Immense batteries have much morepower than carbon batteries. It makes them a better choice for digital cameras, GPS devices, notebook computers, sports watches, and some bike lights. You can use the high-drain devices without fear of you running out of battery power too quickly because you’ll have additional alkaline batteries available to replace them with.

How to Store Alkaline Batteries

All alkaline batteries come with an expiration date. As long as you store them in a cool, dry place, they should work well up to the time suggested by the manufacturer. Immense alkaline batteries have an incredibly long shelf-life. They last up to ten years when stored correctly, making them a wise investment to have on hand whenever you need to replace the batteries in a camera, remote control or child’s favorite toy.

Some other ways to maintain the quality of alkaline batteries is to remove them from items that you haven’t used in a while. It prevents them from corroding and damaging your flashlight, radio, or other electronic device. You’ll also want to keep old, and new batteries separate, so you know how long each last.

Using the older batteries first ensures that they won’t expire as you go through your supply of newer cells. You can opt to keep them together in a small container if you no longer have the original packaging. Rubber bands are another option because you can wrap them around the batteries to keep the old from the new in one location.

Should Alkaline Batteries Be Store in the Refrigerator?

When it comes to buying batteries, you have two options. The first is to buy them in bulk. The second is to buy them as you need them. To better understand the advantage of bulk buying versus buying individual packs to use when needed, it’s essential to evaluate the cost of doing so as it relates to you.

Buying in bulk ensures that you have more batteries available at once. There is a significant cost saving that makes each battery in the pack cost less because you buy more cells at once. It’s the most economically-sound decision you can make.

When you purchase packs of batteries as you need them, you’re forced to pay inflated prices because retailers count on you buying the cells when you’re in desperate need of them. They count on you to panic, so you’re not forced to see how much more you’re paying for a single pack versus a bulk pack of batteries.

High-Drain Devices Require Which Type of Battery?

No, you shouldn’t store alkaline batteries in a refrigerator. Many people were led to believe that the best way to extend a battery’s life was by freezing or refrigerating it. That isn’t true! At room temperature, cold only increases the charge of the batteries by two percent per year. It’s hardly something to lose sleep over and not even an issue if you use Immense alkaline batteries as opposed to a competitor’s carbon batteries.

Extreme heat and cold can prevent batteries from working the way that they should. If where you live sees temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher regularly, you may want to place the batteries in a fridge to prevent them from losing 25 percent of their ‘juice’ per year. You can also opt to buy Immense batteries in place of other brands because they offer six to nine times the power of ordinary carbon batteries. It’s less of an issue if they lose some of their ‘juice’ because they’re already far more powerful than the average battery, to begin with.

How Can You Make Batteries Last Longer?

Buy high-powered alkaline batteries, such as the ones offered by Immense, because they’re ideal for use in high-drain electronics. The cells are far more powerful than carbon batteries and better for the environment overall. Not only are they lead-free, but they also don’t contain mercury or cadmium. They’re also available to use in extreme temperatures and double-sealed for leak protection.

Proper storage methods keep batteries from corroding. You should keep them away from liquid substances and have a plan for storing them if you experience temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit where you live. You can also keep a battery tester on hand to check the charge on your batteries routinely. Throwing out the cells that no longer work helps you identify when you should buy more batteries.

Use This Guide for Reference Whenever You Have a Question About Batteries

Reference this battery buyers guide anytime you have questions about how to purchase, store, and use batteries in your battery-powered devices. When you invest in Immense Alkaline batteries, you replace the cells less frequently. They have more power than ordinary carbon batteries. Alkaline batteries store better, too, because they have a shelf life of up to a decade.

That means that you can stock up on batteries and not be concerned that they won’t be any good when you’re ready to use them once again. You’ll have plenty on hand at all times to keep things fully operational and secure in your life. The devices that you count on most will never be without power because you’ll have invested in the best batteries money can buy.




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