IPPL only offers Environmental-friendly products

Our Alkaline Battery is leak proof and mercury free representing the comprehensive automation of battery production

Facing the new market opportunities and the competitive environment, we inherit our past traditions and break new grounds for the future. With Proactivevision Superior and advanced technology Excellent product quality, serving Customer delight and Seamless service,



  • Founded

    Immense Power Private Ltd was founded in the year 2009 with an aim To become a leading brand for portable high drain usage batteries. Today, we have built a vital presence in the competing industry by providing best in class products. Our range of products have been accepted by many high end customers because of its excellent quality, because of its high drain usage.

  • Evolution

    Since the commencement, we have evolved into a unique prospect to operate on the basis of the profound insight of the end users knowledge and developing market trends. Moreover, the energetic efforts of being the business leaders urge our people to go an additional measure and examine the best available products. We understand that our honesty and quality assurance made us thrive in the aggressive business conditions.

  • Our Vision

    We aspire to grow both horizontally and vertically while maintaining optimum performance of our products, it is our constant Endeavour to fulfill our customers expectations and continuously upgrading our product offerings leading to customer delight.

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